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"Customizing every event to build a bridge between talent & crowd engagement/connection, divine collaborates with our clients to build a custom entertainment experience that best fits their needs with the goal of witnessing people have a more full-quality of life through powerful experiences & be inspired to come alive, not just exist."



Our Story

"DIVINE is a community of talented artists who specialize in providing custom private experiences.


Event Coordinating since 2014, then building into Event Hosting & DJing 400+ events, breaking records being recognized as the 2022 Single Most-Requested 'Event Host, Emcee & DJ' within a multi-award winning company, DIVINE evolved during a season when learning a deeper meaning of what it meant to be the artist behind bringing an event's vision to life crossed over with the spiritual mission to help as many people live a higher quality of life through powerful experiences.

Being introduced to a traveling community shortly after, opened even greater opportunities for not only our community, but also for our clients & anyone a part of their communities (personal, spiritual, or corporate). This spiritually-driven journey has allowed me to surround myself with world-class, award-winning artists & individuals who strive to make your unique event's visions into a reality.


As we primarily specialize in private events, every organizations begins with a purpose & a WHY.

Having the dynamically talented community, while having the life mission to help provide tools to assist in healing as many individuals from anxiety, depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, loss of a loved one, loneliness, etc., inspired the curiosity of the influence & impact music has on the human brain. Research suggests that music has the ability to stimulate neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to reorganize itself & form new neural connections; fundamental to learning, memory & overcoming mental health challenges. Upon discovering this tool, RESURGERE began as an organization that hosts music & sound-inspired community events, raising awareness of this uncommon tool & the mission of the Divine Inner Circle. Our goal is to produce specifically curated music using hertz & frequencies, targeting different parts of the brain & body for more intentional, impactful & lasting healing, while nurturing a true sense of community within communities.


Our mission is to help heal this world with music; one event, one moment, one song, one note at a time."


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